Bekker Services Ltd
Transport, Logistics and Customs Services
Road Express

We offer dedicated van service for cargoes until 1500 kgs or 15 cubic metres with transittimes until 48 hours within Europe.

For larger urgent cargoes until 3000 kgs and 30 cubic metres, we offer Minitir truck service with a guaranteed delivery until 60 hours for all European destinations.

We are carrying out adhoc and regular operations for customers in the automotive, military, electronics, computer, newspaper and publicity gift industry.

This service operates in weekends and during holidays, Customers are given a direct phone number with 24 hours availability to monitor the status of their urgent shipments.

Air Express - On Board Courier

We send our own staff with your urgent air shipments to be sure that your cargo is delivered immediately after touchdown of the flight and to avoid quarantaine waiting time (4 to 6 hours) before departure imposed on all air cargo.

Our office is always open to quote for your urgent transports and your call is answered not only during office hours but also in weekends and in holidays irrespective of hours because we believe in good customer service.

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