Bekker Services Ltd
Transport, Logistics and Customs Services
Bekker Services offers door to door transport services and customs services.

Geographically we focus on transport connections to and from Europe and
within Europe. We combine sea, air and road transport into smart solutions
for importers and exporters.

From our office in Bulgaria we control goods flows in all sea and airports in Europe.

We analyse the purchase and sales good flow of our clients and then offer a transport
and logistics service solution that is best bearing in mind cost, transit time and ease of use.

The company is run by people with 10 to 25 years experience in freight forwarding and transports.

Our mission is to link your business to the world.

For more information please select one of the services below or send us an email to obtain
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Bekker Services Ltd - Sofia - Bulgaria
Tel. +359 2994 2787 - Email